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Pastor Oren E. Bogart and his wife, Pastor Ona Lee Bogart started Fellowship Chapel Church in the basement of their home in 1964. Pastor Bogart was a building contractor by day and in 1965 turned his cabinet shop into the church.  Articles of Incorporation were granted the same year. Pastor Oren Bogart passed away in 94' and his wife Pastor Ona Bogart continued the ministry with the help of Sister Kathy Ransom as the Assistant Pastor, and occassional help from Eldon Bogart, Pastor Bogart’s son until the building sold in October of 2008. This website stays online as a testiment to the commitment the Bogart's have toward the ministry of the last days according to the King James Bible. Pastor Ona Bogart would like to thank those of you who helped support Fellowship Chapel for so many years. Please feel free to contact us by mail with your thoughts. Thank you for visiting our website.
The Last Day Messenger was a biblical newsletter that Pastor Bogart mailed out monthly world wide. It was a derivitive of his church, Fellowship Chapel located in Burbank, Washington.